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Feb 18, 2020

Why Do You Love Where You Live?

“I’m a veteran, a healer, and a real estate professional passionate about serving.”— Nina Hermann

If you could go back and do things from a younger age, how would you pursue your goals differently? Everybody has their turning points in life where a big decision leads to a new chapter, one you'll love for the rest of your life. In this week's episode, Nina Hermann talks about loving where you live.

Part One of ‘Why Do You Love Where You Live?’

Nina Hermann's journey started when she served in the United States Army. She dealt with a significant amount of pain, body aches, neck pain, and back pain. She came to the point of having to take three types of pain medications twice a day every day, and that lasted for four and a half years.

Nina knew it wasn't curing her pain. She started searching for something that could help heal her body. Eventually, I became a licensed massage therapist and a personal trainer. Nina also studied food healing and opened her healthy food truck, but here comes the turning point of her life. It came to a point where she felt like she wasn't helping people the way she wanted to. It led her to a decision where she had to pursue something else.

“I’ve always loved the idea of merging real estate with health and wellness.” — Nina Hermann 

Nina has always loved building things. Unfortunately, she never dared to pursue a career in the real estate industry because she thought she could never make it. Nina wanted to be in alignment. She felt this overwhelming passion for helping people heal their bodies and have been looking for ways of merging real estate with health and wellness. It pushed her to rebrand herself as a vibrant living consultant for real estate. She's now helping people not only find the home that is perfect for them but also living in a way, in a lifestyle that meets their needs so that they can feel connected and inspired. 

Looking back, she can see her experience in the army as very stressful and lonely. It made a significant impact on her health, so she started exploring what it was going to take for her to feel alive. She wanted to explore where she wanted to be, what activities she wanted to do, and who she wants to connect with. 

The moment she started seeking out those things, it made such a big significant difference in her life. Her story is the backbone of where she is today. She is a veteran, a healer, a real estate professional, and passionate about serving. She loves to see people living in the perfect home and be surrounded by the people they love.

Part Two of ‘Why Do You Love Where You Live?’

What does it mean to love where you live? It's your home, it's your physical home where you live. It is the activities and the local opportunities around you to enjoy those things that you love to do, and it is also your community. Do you like your physical home?

Do you love waking up, enjoying walking around in it, and feeling comfortable being there? If not, that doesn't mean that you need to sell your home and move, but there may be some minor things that you can do so that you can transform your home like rearranging furniture or having someone to stage it.

“When you’re living and loving where you’re at, others are empowered to do the same.” —  Nina Hermann 

Maybe some activities can make where you live even more special. Perhaps you need to find people that like to do the same things that you do. It could be your neighbors, it could be family members, or it could be friends. But finding people that you can connect with is such an essential part of our everyday life. So, finding a place where you can make those connections is significant. If there's nothing out there, start it and then invite others to join you. That's what makes the world go around.

How to Connect

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