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Mar 30, 2020

Beyond Holistic Medicine - A Different Perspective About the Coronavirus

We're living in unprecedented times. The COVID-19 has crashed the financial market. It’s a lot more serious than SARS, health-wise. Here's a different perspective on the ongoing global crisis for this week's episode, which focuses on holistic medicine. Stay tuned as Nina Hermann welcomes her special guest, Andi Locke Mears. 

Andi Locke Mears is a fierce advocate for health, a German new medicine teacher, and myth buster. As a naturopath helping people achieve their health goals, her entire world changed in 2009. She stumbled across a book about German New Medicine.

After attending the first of many pieces of training in Canada and Austria, she realized there was a missing link in health. It wasn't just about bringing balance back to the body, learning your life's lessons, or about the mind/body/spirit connection. It's about the predictability of the natural, biological wisdom of our body's ability to adapt. 

She was an armed security guard for US Secretary of State Muskie, a national karate champion, and started on pointe in ballet in her late 50's. Andi joined a spiritual tour of Egypt and ended up being in the King's Chamber of the Great Pyramid in Giza during a full moon and a solar eclipse, which was an illuminating experience.

Part One of ‘Beyond Holistic Medicine - A Different Perspective About the Coronavirus’

Once there was a German physician in his early forties, a very healthy guy, who had never been sick a day in his life. He got a phone call one day that his teenage son had been accidentally shot while on vacation. It's a phone call no parent wants to get. Four months later, his son died in his arms.

You can imagine how devastating that is for any parent, but especially for a physician. Shortly after that, he was diagnosed with testicular cancer. After his surgery, he thought of studying the human brain.

It was the early 90s, and the C.T. scan was new to hospitals. When he visited the University of Munich, he took C.T. scans of everyone in the cancer clinic. He realized he could see a circle like a bullseye in every single person's C.T. scan. No one could explain it. But he's a brilliant guy and a forward thinker.

Out of curiosity, he started talking with his patients about their lives. He took their C.T. scan, health, emotional and medical history. After tying it together, he realized everyone with this circle had the same kind of trauma before their diagnosis. He took it another step. He figured out that everyone with this circle had the same cancer.

This pattern became obvious to him. He started to look at tens of thousands of C.T. scans, analyzed them with their medical histories, and he was able to map out the entire brain. Upon discovery, he found out that every disease begins with a conflict shock. This is a shock to the system.


He discovered two phases everyone goes through. There are no mysteries anymore as to why someone gets a diagnosis or a symptom that they have. We know by looking at the symptoms of what their conflict shock was. We can predict what the two phases will look like for them and how it will be resolved.

There's a trauma, something that's happened. It also depends on how the person perceives that trauma. The different types of trauma can relate to different perceptions. They can have different reactions. He discovered that there are two phases to every disease.

“If we're at a heightened level of stress, we're more susceptible to conflict shocks.” — Andi Locke (29:18-29:22)

We have a conflict shock. Instantly our body says that we're hardwired for survival. Our body goes into motion and it starts a program. There is cell growth somewhere in our body because our brain knows to resolve this conflict. We need to have a certain organ that's stronger and bigger with more cells.

Our brain knows we need to have cell loss somewhere in our bodies. This sounds counterintuitive but is accurate. We need to have cell loss in our body to make it through this program, through functional loss. That will help us to survive. It's our best mechanism.

Here are some facts about cell growth, cell loss, and the loss of function.

  • Let's say you're sitting in the doctor's office. They have a very grave face on. You've had some test results come in. They give you the news that you have cancer. You're devastated. The body has a death fright conflict going on. We need more air. We create more lung cells so we can process more air. To help us survive. That's how our lungs help us. 
  • Let's say we're sitting on a crowded city bus. Somebody comes in and sits down next to us. They are blowing their nose, sneezing, and coughing. You can just feel their germs going all over you. Two days later, you start coughing and sneezing. Perhaps you did not catch a common cold from that person on the bus. Maybe there was nothing to catch. You created it. You had a conflict. You started losing cells in your sinuses right there on the bus. The biological purpose of that is so you can no longer smell them. Therefore, out of sight, out of mind, you're fine. Your body is taking care of you. 


  • Functional life is another one. Let's go with hearing loss. Let's say there's something you don't want to hear. You're hearing it over and over again. Pretty soon, it feels like something's wrong with your hearing. You’re feeling the need to get it checked. It turns out it was a functional loss because you don't want to hear whatever it is that you were hearing. Some of the common ones are sore throats. This makes it hard to swallow something or causes digestion issues.

This is not psychological. This is biological. When you have a conflict shock, you're going to feel all kinds of emotions. They don't cause eventual sickness. What we call being sick, that’s not the cause.

The cause is a biological program designed to help you survive. It's a mother step. It's way beyond your mind, body spirit. It’s a major factor in hanging healing.

Part Two of ‘Beyond Holistic Medicine - A Different Perspective About the Coronavirus’

At this point, it's important to start establishing who you can talk with. Someone who's not letting fear run their life. It's more important that we stay as a community. We should stay connected regularly through technology.

“It's important that we stay connected as a community through the use of technology even though we're under quarantine.” —  Nina Hermann (36:53-36:57)

There are many creative things you can do with your family like playing old board games or making popcorn to have a movie night together. Watch a comedy. Something great is going to come out of this global crisis. With all the things we've taken for granted, it's teaching us how to slow down, reset, and see the real beauty this life has to offer.

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