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Mar 23, 2020

Home Wellness, Maximizing Downtime with Dianne A. Allen 

“We need time to draw within to become in alignment with ourselves.” — Nina Hermann 

Have you ever felt so tired that you just wanted to take the time to unwind? Downtime is just as crucial to success as working hard. Sometimes you need to slow down to speed up. Just like a vehicle, you need to refuel it. You need regular service.

In this week's episode, Nina Hermann welcomes Dianne A. Allen as her special guest, as they talk about home wellness, mainly, how you can maximize downtime.

Part One of ‘Home Wellness, Maximizing Downtime with Dianne A. Allen’

Dianne A. Allen is a visionary leader whose mission is to educate and inspire you to touch your inner fire and allow that beauty to come forth into the world. She believes that we all have a message that is healing and uplifting somewhere deep inside. She has designed her Someone Gets Me podcast to help you awaken and live from your inner beauty, fire, and truth.

“Loving connection is so vital to our health and liveliness.” — Nina Hermann (10:48-10:52)

People from different parts of the world are facing significant downtime. With all the bad news on television, you want to reach out to others for help. Isolation can make you feel lonely and challenging. Only a few people realize there are benefits to having to take this time to rest and recover. Quarantine time can be a blessing in disguise for many people without them realizing it.

Part Two of ‘Home Wellness, Maximizing Downtime with Dianne A. Allen’

We are required to put social distancing into practice for our safety. However, we still need to be able to connect. A loving connection is just so vital to our health and liveliness. Whatever is happening in the world right now will motivate us to be more united.

We're taught in society that loneliness means not having enough people around. We've been trained wrong. We need time to draw within to become in alignment with ourselves. Most of the time, you're busy, so this is the perfect opportunity for you to spend time on things that you're not able to do during the busy weekdays.


“There are many other circumstances for individuals having downtime.” —  Nina Hermann (23:19-22:40)

There are many ways to make your day productive. Gardening, writing a journal, painting, drawing, doing activities related to meditation, cooking, watching a movie series, cleaning the house, cooking, reading, and many more.

This generation is blessed because technology is innovating. There are different audio and video calling services like Zoom or Skype to connect with others. Perhaps have an online conversation with someone while drinking your tea. Getting extra time at home is a big bonus for all of us. So, take all the time that you need to recharge and make the most of your downtime.

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How To Connect With Dianne A. Allen

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